AIS Conference - Improving the Future with Sports Facilities

The non-profit association AIS (Associazione Impianti Sportivi [Sports Facilities Association]), whose institutional purpose is the promotion and protection of the collective interests of the sector for sports facilities of any size, held a conference on 16 May 2019  at the ISOKINETIC Headquarters in Bologna entitled "IMPROVING OUR FUTURE THROUGH SPORTS FACILITIES".

 The focus is on the theme of sports facilities, conversion from natural to synthetic pitches and the modernisation of obsolete facilities, with the aim of multi-annual management to save land and energy resources, using the opportunities granted by the public procurement code under the Public-Private Partnership. Through talks by technicians, public administrators and professionals in the sector, an attempt will be made to analyse the different contexts and cases that may arise during the administrative process, in order to make the best use of the PPP instrument.

 Gewiss will take part in the conference with a focus on LED technology for improving efficiency in sports facilities as part of the Digital Sport Innovation Project.

 Participation is free of charge if you register no later than 9 MAY 2019.CLICK HERE  to fill in the form.

 For more information contact the AIS Organisational Office:

segreteria@ais-it.org - 345.6985730