A new light shines for young Tamburello players

Gewiss and Digital Sport Innovation light up the sports facility in San Paolo D’Argon (BG), which hosted the final stages of the 2019 National Youth Tamburello Finals.

September 2019 – From 23 to 25 August , the  National Youth Open Championship finals,  organised by the  Italian Palla Tamburello Federation, took place between Bergamo and Brescia. With a view towards fostering the growth of Italian sports as a whole and ensure adequate facilities for each sport, Gewiss and Digital Sport Innovation decided to support the event by upgrading one of the most important fields used in the event, that of San Paolo D'Argon, in the province of Bergamo.

 Marco CeudekCoordinator of Digital Sport Innovation, commented: “In San Paulo we have installed 28 Smart[Pro] 2.0 devices, which offer an illumination value of 550 Lux, with a uniform distribution of light over the entire playing field. The new system is in line with the federal directives of the  Italian Palla Tamburello Federation (FIPT) for conducting night events  of all kinds, from training sessions to official competitions, including those at a professional level. In addition, compared to the old-generation floodlights, the LED technology of the Smart[Pro] 2.0 devices ensures facility managers  60% savings on energy and maintenance costs".

A.S.D. San Paolo d'Argon Tamburello, a club with sixty years of history and several national trophies in its showcase, will host the women's final of the tournament in the new facility, as well as the award ceremony for all the winning teams from the three days of sport.

Its president, Veronica Trapletti, is fully satisfied, and stated: “We are very proud to have hosted the final phase of the Youth Open Championship. It’s an important tournament, which promotes and showcases the most promising talent in our country, some of whom have already reached professional levels. As President, the hope is to be able to organise other similar initiatives in the future. Clearly, the new lighting system provided by Digital Sport Innovation and designed by Gewiss, which will soon be approved by the Federation, can only facilitate this task, allowing us to host small and large events, from summer evening campuses for the youngsters to next season's Serie A Super Cup".

Leonardo CornagoCouncillor for Youth Policy, Communication, Peace and Integration in the Municipality of San Paolo D’Argon, commented on the collaboration established between his Administration, Gewiss and ASD Tamburello San Paolo: "We are receiving positive feedback from those who have already tried the new field illuminated by Digital Sport Innovation and this clearly gives us great satisfaction. Also because many players in our tamburello team are young and very young, and sports can provide them with the ideal environment in which to grow up healthy and aware. We therefore hope that the final event of the Open Tournament will be the first of a long series of important initiatives hosted here in the near future."