GEWISS' constant research has led to the development of an innovative range of LED products specifically designed for use in large sports areas and ancillary spaces. GEWISS products guarantee benefits in terms of safety and visual comfort, as well as energy and economic savings, thanks to their lower consumption and much lower operating costs than with traditional systems.

GEWISS products guarantee the following benefits:


Products engineered and manufactured in Italy through GEWISS' experience and technological innovation.


The wide range of products available allows the design of any sports complex with innovative solutions.


Latest-generation LEDs, combined with increasingly efficient optics, ensure excellent lighting performance and offer energy savings ranging from 50% to 80%.


The intelligence offered by LED technologies makes it possible to reduce energy consumption (by up to 80%), thus also reducing the impact on the environment.


Careful engineering leads to in LED devices that simplify installation (to prevent any interruption of industrial processes).


The average lifetime of the LED lighting exceeds the average operating hours of conventional lamps, with significantly reduced maintenance and operating costs.


Unlike with traditional light sources, the maximum flux emitted by the LED is total and immediate, eliminating switch-on times.

Stadium PRO


High power LED floodlights

Stadium PRO | 3 is a range of LED floodlights designed to meet the highest standards and lighting performance for facilities hosting professional competitions, ensuring visual comfort for both players and spectators. Stadium PRO | 3 provides solutions that offer excellent horizontal and vertical light distribution, so that competitions have a guarantee of perfect visibility for match referees, players and cameras, and maximum comfort for spectators. 

Smart [PRO] 2.0


Integrated lighting solutions for sports facilities and large areas

Smart [PRO] 2.0 is the new range of LED floodlights designed for specific applications such as sports facilities and large outdoor spaces. Thanks to the use of CSP LED sources, the products have improved lighting performance, installation is simplified, maintenance costs are reduced and significant energy savings are achieved in both complex projects and small installations.

Smart [4] 2.0


Highbay LED

The Smart [4] range is renewed, becoming even more efficient and reliable. The latest generation LEDs, combined with increasingly efficient optical solutions, guarantee excellent lighting performance, with a remarkable increase in efficiency and unparalleled endurance. In addition, this new range can communicate with INTERACTIVE products, making systems more intelligent and enabling flexible and efficient management.



ESALITE, the new product in the technical LED line for industrial lighting. Reliability over time and top-of-the-range performance are the features of this floodlight device, designed for both outdoor and indoor use. High performance combined with numerous quality features make ESALITE the perfect combination of technology and design, even in the most extreme application conditions. An idea of perfection that goes beyond the mere aesthetic concept of form and becomes a functional reality. Engineering perfection and innovative flexibility make ESALITE the ideal summary of GEWISS lighting. A patented design, totally Made in Italy.


Discharge technology, although widely used, will gradually be replaced by the new, high-performance LED technology.



Floodlights for large facilities

The boundaries of lighting are extended with the Stadium series: outdoor floodlights for lighting large areas. Lamps with a maximum power of 2000 W combined with symmetrical or asymmetrical, diffusing or concentrating optics. Aluminium die-cast bodies treated with trivalent passivation and coated with polyester powder.
Reflectors made from 99.85 aluminium, anodically oxidised and polished. To guarantee long-lasting performance, all versions are equipped with a Gore-Tex® anti-condensation device to help compensate for internal pressure.



Floodlights for large facilities

A high-power floodlight, of up to 2000 W, in die-cast aluminium treated with trivalent passivation and coated with polyester powder. Colosseum comes with a wide range of optics: diffused symmetric, concentrated symmetric and asymmetric. It is also equipped with a Gore-Tex anti-condensation device to help compensate for internal pressure.


In addition to lighting devices, the GEWISS offer includes solutions for the protection, management, connection and distribution of energy: 20,000 products which ensure that professionals can design complete systems for all types of sports facility support infrastructure.

Smart [3] Plus


Watertight LED ceiling lights

Smart [3] is the new range of LED watertight ceiling lights that completes the Smart offer.
Suitable for use in installation contexts with heights of less than 4 metres, the new GEWISS lighting fixtures feature elegant Italian design, excellent energy performance, high impact resistance and quick and easy installation.

Road [5]

ROAD [5]

LED street lighting fixture

Road[5] is the new range of LED lighting fixtures that completes the range for street and urban applications. The range is designed to offer improved lighting performance, simplify device installation and maintenance and achieve maximum energy savings. Road [5] is the ideal solution for illuminating all types of urban and rural roads, roundabouts, large outdoor areas and car parks, in both new and existing installations.

Urban [O3]


New urban solutions

Urban [O3] is a modular urban lighting system with a perfect balance of design and innovation. The cantilevered installation configuration and wide range of optics ensure energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting for urban environments. The range is complete by the BlueGreen versions, which integrate perfectly into environments such as gardens and parks.



Accent LED

Elia is the family of GEWISS products designed for easy relamping, quick to install and with a five-year guarantee. Elia AL - Accent LED - is the new accent downlight designed for the service sector. Flexible and suitable for all contexts, it guarantees great energy savings and low maintenance requirements.



Downlight LED

Elia is the family of GEWISS products designed for easy relamping, quick to install and with a five-year guarantee. Elia DL - Downlight Led - is the new downlight designed for general lighting in the service sector. Flexible and suitable for all contexts, it guarantees great energy savings and low maintenance requirements.



Ceiling LED

Elia is the family of GEWISS products designed for easy relamping, quick to install and with a five-year guarantee. Elia CL - Ceiling Led - is the new circular surface-mounted ceiling light for lighting interiors and tertiary sector spaces. Made entirely from polycarbonate, it guarantees excellent performance with an elegant and compact design.

Astrid Full Panel LED 60x60


Panel LED

Elia is the family of GEWISS products designed for easy relamping, quick to install and with a five-year guarantee. Elia PL - LED Panel - is the new recessed ceiling light for offices and workplaces. Glare and luminance control, energy efficiency and comfort for an optimal solution to replace your old lighting system.



Bollard LED

Elia is the family of GEWISS products designed for easy relamping, quick to install and with a five-year guarantee. Elia BL - Bollard Led - is an elegant, die-cast aluminium ground-mounted device, ideal for architectural lighting in residential areas and passageways.


In addition to lighting systems, GEWISS offers specific and innovative solutions in the field of low voltage distribution and protection systems.

47 CVX 160 I

47 CVX 160 I

Flush-mounted distribution boards up to 160A

The  CVX 160 I  series of flush-mounted distribution boards up 160A  stands out for its ease of selection and quick installation. Once the size of the board is chosen, in addition to the metal casing and the door, the DIN rails and isolating front panels are also included with a single order code. The innovative support allows the rails to be fixed to the brackets and adjusted for depth, without the use of screws and tools.

47 CVX 160 E

47 CVX 160 E

Wall-mounted distribution boards up to 160A with removable frame

The  CVX 160 E  series of wall distribution boards up to 160A allows the creation of configurations to suit specific needs, from a minimum capacity of 72 modules to a maximum of 192, choosing the appropriate installation kit with 150 mm or 200 mm pitch.

In addition, the removable frame allows bench wiring and the subsequent installation of the wired frame inside the metal casing when the system is completed.

QDX 630 L

QDX 630 L

Modular boards up to 630A - IP43

The QDX 630 L series of modular boards is available in both wall and floor mounted versions. Both solutions have the same design, accessories and quick and easy wiring modes. The wiring can be done with the structure completely open, with subsequent installation of the distribution board.

QDX 630 H

QDX 630 H

Monobloc and modular boards up to 630 A - IP55

The QDX 630 H series of boards is available in two distinct solutions, wall and floor. The wall-mounted version has a welded sheet metal monobloc structure, while the floor-mounted board has a modular structure with a fully removable front section. It is ideal for all applications where maximum weather protection is needed.

QDX 1600 H

QDX 1600 H

Modular cabinets up to 1600 A - IP55

The strength of the QDX 1600 H series of cabinets is its robust design, specifically for applications where both a high level of protection from the elements and a high short circuit breaking capacity are required. This series meets these needs effectively and safely.



Auto reset devices

In the event of a circuit breaker tripping, the ReStart devices restore the power supply, after checking the system status, to ensure maximum continuity of service in total safety.
Available for both residual current devices and thermal magnetic circuit breakers, the range is distinguished by its  Autotest function, with periodic and automatic control of residual current protection without power interruptions, and PRO  function, with extended control of the system.

IEC 309 HP socket range


IEC 309 HP sockets and plugs

HP - HIGH PERFORMANCE extends the range of mobile plugs and mobile and recessed sockets for  16 A and 32 A currents  with  IP44 and IP66/IP67 protection ratings.
The product leads the field in the connections landscape in terms of performance, functionality and technical features.

68 Q-DIN

68 Q-DIN

Distribution boards

A complete IP65 distribution board system for power distribution in the tertiary, industrial and construction sectors, available in both empty and pre-wired versions, in accordance with international standard IEC 61439.
The Q-DIN range consists of boards from 5 to 20 DIN modules and 14 and 20M add-on modules for additional DIN spaces.
They allow the housing of flush-mounted and interlocked sockets up to 63A, and can be combined with a wide range of accessories.



Electric vehicle charging wallbox

The I-CON wallboxes are the JOINON solutions designed for integration in private and semi-public contexts, in accordance with international standard IEC 61851-1.
They stand out for their elegant and compact design, special “one-hand recharge” functionality, smart load management, backlighting and various installation possibilities: wall-mounted, flush-mounted or floor-mounted.



Electric vehicle charging stations

The I-ON (floor-mounted) and I-ON WALL (wall-mounted) charging units are the JOINON solutions for public and semi-public use, designed to withstand all types of impact, stress, vandalism and atmospheric agents, and the first and only ones on the market guaranteed with a IP55 protection rating. The unit’s special hexagonal design allows it to adapt to any urban context and parking configuration, with a targeted study on User Experience and use of the services by Drivers.

27 Combi


Wall-mounted enclosures and modular components

27 COMBI is a complete and versatile system of modular enclosures, which can integrates perfectly with the SYSTEM civil series and meets the high-protection installation needs of the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. The 27 COMBI series is available in both IP40 and watertight versions with IP55 and IP65 protection, recommended for all outdoor applications exposed to severe weather conditions.