DIGITAL SPORT INNOVATION is a GEWISS project for the growth of sport as a whole. In sport, talent and passion are the most valuable resources available to players.

That's why the Digital Sport Innovation project aims to provide the best possible service and the most modern and complete technologies to the entire sports supply chain.

GEWISS offers a tailor-made service for every need and application context, making every type of system safe and efficient.


10 reasons to renew your facilities

10 reasons to renew your facilities

Gewiss offers solutions for sports facilities that add prestige to your team and help make them successful structures, ensuring: Personal Welfare, Sustainability and Connection.

That's why Gewiss is presenting the Smart systems and solutions programme, which allows you to improve the efficiency and flexibility of your sports facility in a simple and intuitive way, offering complete solutions from design, supply, turnkey installation and maintenance plans, in a totally flexible manner.