What makes a player of today a champion of tomorrow? It takes talent, passion, commitment, determination and perseverance: indispensable character qualities, which, by themselves, however, are not enough. It also requires hard training and adequate facilities. Starting with the sports facilities , where millions of players, young and adult, play the sport they love every day.

This is why the Digital Sport Innovation project is an important resource for Italian sport. The platform aims to radically renew the entire world of sport, starting with sports facilities. It is an ambitious and necessary initiative, created to ensure the comfort and safety of athletes in all sports and of all ages, through efficient electrical installations, sustainable lighting and a host of other services.

Digital Sport Innovation is a platform of companies that allows facility managers to build new installations or renovate existing facilities through interaction with a single partner and the proposal of a complete turnkey offer consisting of integrated technologies and services for every environment, from the playing fields (and connected facilities, such as stands and changing rooms) to  catering facilities (kiosks or bars),  car parks and other service areas

The Digital Sport Innovation team is directly involved in all activities of  assessment, design and implementation of the facilities, integrating quality products with excellent services. 

Digital Sport Innovation is a GEWISS brand, a partner that offers most of the solutions available on the platform, from smart technologies for lighting and building automation to comprehensive audit services, design assistance, operational intervention and financing tailored to every need.

The project has an impact on the growth of Italian sports clubs, but its effectiveness can be measured above all on the social level. Ensuring better facilities for sport means creating the right conditions for millions of athletes to socialise, meet, grow and compete with each other on a daily basis in order to surpass their limits, overcome the most demanding personal challenges and share both success and defeat. 

They are places where you can, perhaps, become champions, but will certainly become better players.