GEWISS is the new Institutional Sponsor and Official Supplier of the Albinoleffe football club, as well as the jersey-back sponsor for the current season and that of 2021/2022. The partnership was created in order to achieve and surpass the most challenging goals.

February 2021
 – Starting from the return of the current season,  GEWISS  is part of the  U.C. Albinoleffe family, becoming its  institutional sponsor,  official supplier  and  jersey-back-sponsor  also for the 2021/2022 sports year.

There are various values that our organisation shares with the sky blue one of Albinoleffe", comments Paolo Cervini, CEO of GEWISS. “We have always strived for excellence, in terms of constant improvement in order to achieve increasingly challenging objectives. And our actions have always been guided by sound ethical principles in order to create value for our staff, collaborators, fans, communities and the future generations. The partnership with Albinoleffe is part of the Digital Sport Innovation project, which aims to renew and improve those privileged places where the younger generation meets and grows, such as football pitches and sports facilities. The project also has an important social value: to ensure the safety of more than one million members who practice the most popular sport in the country, through safe electrical systems and more efficient and sustainable lighting".

Digital Sport Innovation is a platform  of integrated technologies and services for the lighting and energy upgrading of all areas within sports facilities, from the playing fields (and adjoining facilities, such as stands and changing rooms) to the buildings used for catering (kiosks or bars) and the car parks  and other service spaces. The Digital Sport Innovation team is directly involved in all activities of assessment, design and implementation of the facilities, integrating quality products with excellent services.

The younger generation is also a topic dear to the club in the province of Bergamo, as confirmed by Gianfranco Andreoletti, President of Unione Calcio Albinoleffe, who commented regarding the partnership, "I am particularly pleased and honoured that Gewiss, an important economic and productive reality founded in the Bergamo area and developed globally, has chosen to sponsor our club, becoming part of the sky blue family. The history of Gewiss  is an example for our young people of what can be achieved with passion and sacrifice, which are the principles of our sport, to create opportunities for work and personal and professional growth. I am sure that our children will profit from this motivation to develop and to pay forward in due time what they are now receiving”.

Since its inception, U.C. AlbinoLeffe has always given particular focus to the training and promotion of the youth who become part of this important organisation, both at a human and a sporting level. This is the reason behind our investment in innovative structures, and in an organisation that aims at leading players that have grown in the Youth Sector to reach the First Team, with a well-defined football identity.

"Gewiss and U.C. AlbinoLeffe share the same values,” concludes Gianfranco Andreoletti,  “which I find in the words written by the founder Domenico Bosatelli: there are five elements indispensable for the success of an initiative and of a life project in general: ambition, hunger, curiosity, imagination and determination. On my own behalf and on behalf of U.C. AlbinoLeffe, I would like to thank the Bosatelli family and the entire Gewiss world,   and I sincerely wish them continued success in the future.